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Piper Tomahawk

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Why Fly The Piper Tomahawk?

Most flight schools in the U.S. train in either Cessna or Piper aircraft.

At Mazzei Flying Service we train in both types, We believe that a well trained pilot should be qualified in both high wing as well as low wing aircraft, which gives our students a distinct advantage over students from other schools.

Although you will qualify in both aircraft types in our school, we have chosen to use the Piper Tomahawk as our primary flight trainer. Over the past 20 years we have taught in both Cessna 150/152s and Piper Tomahawks, and even though the Cessna 152 is a fine aircraft and probably the most common trainer in the U.S, after much consideration we chose the Tomahawk as our primary trainer. We believe it to be the best choice for the following reasons:

  1. The low wing configuration coupled with the one-piece wrap around windshield and wrap around side and rear window afford the pilot spectacular 360 degree inflight visibility; a definite improvement over the Cessna 152 and a very important consideration in collision avoidance and flight safety.
  2. The advanced technology GAW-1 airfoil and T-tail provides good handling and flight characteristics, and gives the Tomahawk the feel of a high performance aircraft; which is an important consideration when transitioning to larger aircraft. Our experience has shown us that Tomahawk pilots transition much quicker to high performance single and multiengine airplanes than Cessna 152 trained pilots.
  3. The Piper Tomahawk is more challenging to fly than a Cessna 152, It makes a better pilot by requiring and developing more precise planning, better coordination and control, as well as quicker reflexes, In some ways the Tomahawk is not as easy to fly as a Cessna 152, But,, in flight training, easy is not necessarily better, A good trainer should provide a challenge, especially for the professional pilot student,
  4. Unlike the small cramped cockpit of the Cessna 152, the Tomahawk is roomy and comfortable. Whether you are tall or short, the Tomahawk's seats will adjust for a comfortable fit. The cabin is much wider and deeper than a Cessna 152, giving the pilot an instructor plenty of shoulder room as well as providing easier cockpit entry and exit.
  5. Like the Cessna 152, the aircraft is well built and structurally sound. The airplane is certified for spins and all required commercial maneuvers. In the 17 years since FAA Certification, the aircraft has enjoyed a consistently good reputation for reliability and structural integrity.

After you have trained in the Tomahawk, we are sure you will agree, The Piper Tomahawk is the best choice in flight training.

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