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Robinson R-22 Helicopter

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  • r22

The Robinson R22 is our primary RH trainer and is used in helicopter Private, Commercial, Instrument, and Flight Instructor training.

Two of our R-22's are IFR Beta models specially equipped for instrument training.

Powered by a Lycoming 160 hp engine, the 2 place R22 has a maximum cruise speed of 110 mph, a climb rate of 1000 fpm, and a range of over 300 miles. The R22's high performance and reliability, combined with its overall efficiency and uncomplicated maintenance, has made it the number one choice in helicopter flight training.

The R22's light main rotor and highly efficient tail rotor systems coupled with its light weight gives the helicopter its high performance and quick handling characteristics.

It is often said, "If you can fly an R22 you can fly any helicopter", and that's a fact. There is no better value in U.S. helicopter training than the Robinson R-22.

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