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Mazzei Flying Service Has Always Been a Big Part of California Aviation History

Mazzei Flying Service has enjoyed a long and successful history. The school was established in 1936 by a pioneer in California aviation, Mr. Fred Mazzei. Training in first generation airplanes, he began a school that was to spanned eight decades of aviation history.

During World War II, Mr. Mazzei worked under civilian contract with the United States Government, training Army Air Corp pilots. He resumed his civilian flight school business after the war years, and earned a reputation for operating the best flight school in Central California. In the early Seventies, Fred Mazzei sold the business to two Pan American Airline pilots who operated the company successfully for several years. Soon thereafter, ownership passed to the Brannan family.

In 1977 Jim Brannan formed a California Corporation and purchased Mazzei Flying Service. He began flying in 1966 with Mazzei Flying Service and was taught to fly at the age of 16 by Fred Mazzei himself. At the age of 19, he earned my Commercial and Flight Instructor Certificates and has been actively teaching flying ever since.

Mark Addis became a partner in the business in 2010 and in 2015 purchased the business from Jim, who remains as the Chief Flight Instructor. Mark Addis was a student at Mazzei Flying Service in 1993 and an instructor in 1994. He worked in management at a flight school in Santa Barbara in the late nineties before returning to Fresno. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (Accounting) and had a successful career as a management accountant before returning to aviation.

Mark believes it is important to give back to the community and he started a Christian ministry called Aviation in Action ( Through this organization Mazzei Flying Service assists in flight training scholarships, medical flights, and soon, humanitarian flights in West Africa.

Mazzei flying Service is dedicated to continuing the legacy of Fred Mazzei and honoring the quality training he started. Operating with the highest integrity and fairness, Mazzei Flying Service strives to provide the best training experience in quality aircraft for all of our students.

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