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Frasca 142 Simulator

frasca 142

Simulate the Flying Experience at MFS

When operating the 142 you will be impressed with its high degree of realism. You will immediately notice that all the cockpit equipment, including flight, engine, and systems controls and indicators are modeled after actual aircraft parts, giving the student very realistic feedback.

Additionally the Frasca uses aerodynamic models that are collected while flying actual aircraft. All this leads to high fidelity flight simulation that is apparent from engine starting, through taxi, takeoff, climb, cruise, slow flight, stalls, descent and landing. All things considered, it’s not difficult to understand the increasing popularity of flight simulation in flight schools and the amazing success of the Frasca 142.

The Frasca 142 visual/instrument multiengine flight training device is used in our multiengine, instrument, and flight instructor courses. The reasons for using the Frasca 142 in flight training are many:

  • It makes a more suitable learning environment than the cockpit of an airplane. It enables the student and instructor to concentrate on the learning task.
  • There is less noise, allowing more effective communication between student and instructor.
  • Temperature and humidity are controlled making a more comfortable environment.
  • It saves time – there is no need to start the aircraft, warm it up, or fly to the training area – there are no delays caused by actual clouds or actual bad weather conditions.
  • Any topic or maneuver can be dealt with in depth by freezing the simulator for discussion and evaluation purposes, and specific lessons can be practiced many times in a short period of time, i.e., ILS approaches.
  • The Frasca 142 qualifies for the maximum allowable hours for flight simulation by the FAA under FAR 141.
  • The student can be given first hand experience with navigation facilities and approach procedures that are not available locally.
  • The student enjoys short term cost savings because one hour of simulator time costs less than one hour of aircraft time. Long term savings to students result from finishing the flight component in less time by using our Frasca 142.
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