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FAA Approval

What does FAA Part 141 Approval and Examining Authority do for you?

Golden Eagle Enterprises, Inc. dba Mazzei Flying Service is FAA Approved under Air Agency Certificate number CUES026D for Private Pilot through Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor in both airplane and helicopter. It is important to know that our flight school is FAA Approved by choice, not because it is required.

Unlike many operators who choose to operate their schools informally under FAR Part 61, we choose to be an FAA Approved Pilot School and have been approved since 1972. Under Federal Air Regulations Part 141 we are required to use an FAA approved flight training syllabus for each course, provide instructor standardization, supervision and stage checks by the Chief or Assistant Chief Flight Instructor, and receive regular FAA inspections of school facilities, aircraft, simulators and training devices, as well as student training and instructor records.

To insure the quality of training and to retain FAA Approval, our school must maintain at least an 80% first time pass rate for all graduates on FAA Flight Tests and a 90% pass rate for Examining Authority. You should know that under FAR Part 141 the FAA grants Approved Pilot Schools important concessions in course hours and requirements. For example, in comparison to Part 61 schools, the FAA grants Part 141 schools a 60 hour reduction in the total training hours required for a commercial pilot certificate earned under Part 61 which can save students time and money.

FAA Examining Authority

Mazzei Flying Service is one of only a few FAA Approved Pilot Schools in the U.S. who have received FAA Examining Authority which is an additional approval granted our school by the FAA because of the quality of our training and the outstanding performance of our graduates. This special FAA Approval allows our school to graduate and certificate our students in certain courses without the added burden and expense of having to take a practical test with an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner. In other words, in our school all you need to do is complete your training and graduate and you will automatically be issued your certificate or rating without further testing.

FAA Approved Ground Training

MFS uses an integrated system of flight and ground training utilizing a flight/ground training syllabus, video and CD ROM presentations, textbook and workbook exercises, written stage exams, and one-on-one briefings and tutorials with your assigned flight instructor. The system is designed for use in either group or individual one-on-one training sessions with your instructor.

The one-on-one training approach offers certain advantages over traditional classroom instruction. It provides a greater flexibility in start dates, ease in scheduling and the potential for more rapid completion of a flight training program. One-on-one training places a greater degree of responsibility on the student to study and prepare for each training session. The flight instructor's role is to supervise the overall ground training, explain the key points in the text, answer student questions and help the student in the application of airman knowledge.

In addition, all MFS students receive pre-flight and post-flight briefings with their assigned instructors, as well as specially scheduled course briefings and stage check briefings.

We are confident that you will find the MFS training system to be the very best method for providing you with the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful aviation career.

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